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New Satanic order started ib Summer Solstice

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To whom it may concern:


This Order, established on the Summer Solstice 2014 CE, is dedicated to exploring the Mystery of Lord Satan, as revealed by the Cross of Satan.


The Symbol, hereafter called the 'Cross', is comprised of four components, which, when united, give rise to four elements. These 'elements' are further symbolic of the basic Grades of the Order, that is:


The Warrior or Second Degree, symbolized by the two oblique parallel lines;

The Lover or Third Degree, symbolized by the intersecting horizontal and vertical lines;

The Hermit or Fourth Degree, symbolized by the Circle;

The Master or Fourth Degree, symbolized by all three components of the Cross outlined above.


To these Degrees or Grades, is added the First Degree, which is the Probationer.


This Order is established as a teaching Order. Various tasks or training schedules are assigned to members, at various Degrees, designed to enable the member to become increasingly familiar, as they come in contact with the Degrees of the Order, with the inner teachings of the Order. Every member has a right to use the spiritual tools that are assigned to them, for the purposes of advancement within the Order.


Secondly, to each member, according to his or her Degree, is assigned a Duty within the performance of a certain central ritual that is sanctioned by the Order, to enable its members to gain further insights into the mysteries of the Order and of Lord Satan, to Whom the order is dedicated.


Let it be known, that these mysteries are aspects of the Self.


To Satanists, the Self is of;


highest value

an object, as yet hidden to the observer, that is worthy of investigation, thus to 'know thyself' is to know God, and to know God is to know thyself.


The Order is established to fulfil these objectives for all its members.


The Order is established to provide all necessary materials and spiritual tools to fulfil these objectives.


The Order is open to all comers, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, social class and belief.


It is assumed, however, that all members will have some concept of Lord Satan as a deity, depending on how the word 'deity' is defined.


The Order is supported by financial donation.


The Supreme Master is the Lord himself. A Master may establish a Lodge, either on line or off line. A group of lodges existent in one geographical or national area may be known as a Chapter.


In addition, a Master may establish specialist groups also known as Chapters. These groups may advance the teaching of the Order in certain key areas of study.


This Order is supported by a Constitution and Rule Book, to which all members are required to adhere.


The Order welcomes correspondence with its members on all issues raised above.


The Order wishes it to be known that the Founder , known as nargargole, acts as the Grand Secretary for the Order, having created certain web sites representing the Order on many levels.


He may, at this time, be considered as the Outer Master of the Order, until such time as Masters are created, and Lodges and Chapters are established.


All Lodges and Chapters operate as semi-independent bodies under the umbrella of the Order.


This manifesto is authorized by Fiat.


Signed this Day, 21st June 2014.




On Detractors & critics

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We of the devoted to Lord Satan cannot be shaken in our faith in Him.


Those who speak against us are many. There are a few who conspire against us, but, for the moment, poisoned words suffice.


There are those who claim:


that we [Satanists] are going to hell. We should be so lucky! But Lord Satan has promised us a seat in His paradise, which is neither heaven nor hell. Moreover, he has said that each will go to a paradise of his conception, where he will find his patron deity awaiting him. (Even if the deity shall destroy ther eality of that deity – devotees shall possess a moment of rejoicing.)


that we shall send ourselves (and others) insane. Most of us are already insane, and this label has been placed over our heads. We do not describe ourselves in such terms. Say we are confused, in conflict and of the chaos? Lord Satan's use of these words is in mockery of their originators. The language is of the enemies of lord Satan.


that Satanism, both as a philosophy and as a religion, do not exist, because Satan is 'God' or the supreme spiritual reality by any other name. This is not true, for Satan is his own reality. Before the other deities were created, he was the only reality; even now, there is no part of the universe where he is not. He is even in his enemy, though his enemy is not in him. Such critics and scorners wish to divide us from our god, by reducing the deity to a mere aspect of spiritual reality, or even a name that the ignorant have called it. But we are neither ignorant nor deluded, and the reality of Satan has spoken to us and revealed his identity to us. Lord Satan exists, and his religion does also. (But granted that Satanism as a philosophy is merely atheism, couched in dramatic terms)


that Satan is merely an aspect of the Self. This is both true and false, it is true because Satan is in us, therefore the Self and the deity are, in some respects, one. But we are not in Satan, and the deity is beyond the self.


That when the word 'Satanic' is used before words like witchcraft and occultism, that this is just to sell products and services to the gullible and credulous. But Satan is the source of all things occult, even if his own nature is mostly hidden, and we use occult powers to attempt to discover him in all the words that are obscure to us. Therefore, to say you are a witch or a warlock, or an occultist, a practitioner of Magick or a spiritual seeker of any kind is to be a Satanist; rightly, have the Christians, Muslims and Jews condemned those who might describe themselves as being spiritual.


Oh, detractors are wearisome! They keep on at us, because they fear us, and because they secretly wish to be aligned to Satan themselves, and they fear that hidden desire! So they try to diminish our pride and they try to undermine our faith.


At this time of Beltane, the most important time of celebration for Satanists (and you should investigate why this should be so), I, nargargole, say: cultivate a sense of inner pride in your alignment to the Lord Satan, for you are in receitp of a great secret, revealed exclusively unto you, yet you kindly reveal this to others, to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, and hearts open to the truth of the lord. Bear yourselves up! Your faith shall make you free!


Hail Satan!


The power of eBooks

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Although many like paper editions of books – the feel and the smell of paper is so alluring, and you can handle something which occupies space and even excites physical contact with the ideas contained within the pages – it is also true that a paper edition is very much stuck in one time; it cannot evolve, not without another paper edition being brought out, which really only the most dedicated will choose to buy; so many old and perhaps inferior editions are left to circulate and even to misinform.


But with ebooks, you can easily download an upgraded version of the MS, and thus stay abreast of current thinking, as the project evolves and adapts.


Such is very much the case with the Epistles of Lord Satan. This will probably never appear as a paper copy. This is to be celebrated, not bemoaned because for the initial outlay of the cost of the download, nargargole guarantees that, upon receipt of the buyer's email address, that the buyer will receive, from time to time, a free updated edition of the Epistles of Lord Satan. This updated version will be complete with corrections to and amendments of the original MS, together with any new material that may be featured. While some of this material may have been gleaned from the blog page of the epsat site, there could be new material that is exclusive to the new ebook edition, such as rituals and spells.


Think of your financial outlay as a subscription to a book, rather the purchase of a single, unchanging item. And there is also nothing preventing you from keeping the original MS on your hard drive, should you wish to do so.


So purchase the ebook Epistles of Lord Satan today, and be a part of the evolving project for tomorrow.

Where does the beginner start?

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Anyone who first approaches Theistic Satanism will no doubt become somewhat confused about what the whole business is about. As I said on the radio affair last week, in Satanism, the worlds of theistic devotion, Magick (sorcerery) and self-development or self-realization sit uneasily together. Trying to marry the elft hand and the right hand paths together is never going to be easy. Tension exists between them.


At any rate, when the beginner to Satanism first made their enquiry of another self-proclaimed Satanist, the seeker must have had something in mind about Satanism before they made their first overtures. They no doubt felt – very strongly felt – an initial attraction either to Satan as a god or supreme entity, a psychic force in the universe; or to one of his Representatives or entities; or to the concept of Self, so championed by the Satanic philosophy. They must have ascertained that Satanism holds a profound mystery. They must have felt the spirit of the Adversary move within them, as though impelling them to rebel against the herd, and their slave-gods. They must have felt that there is something sacred after all about the material, the physical and the sensuous.


The newcomer who felt all these things was correct on all counts.


So the question arises then: shall I be a devotee, shall I pursue the study of sorcery; shall I develop and perfect myself (and who am I anyway)?


In the Epistles of Lord Satan, now published in its final version as an ebook, you will find that it is possible to find answers to all the above questions, or at least locate the tools for discovering the answers. And true it is, that the answers you do find will be a perfect reflect of who you really are.


I also think that Magick by Aleister Crowley is a truly great book to study because in it the master Therion seems to bring at least two of the above questions into the spotlight; the only subject he does not cover is devotion to the Lord.


But, in a way, devotion to the lord is, in theistic terms, covered or expressed by your study of the book Magick; just as it is through study of the Epistles.


So there is no particular thing you have to do to express your devotion to the lord, if you do not want to be a self-conscious theist. By studying magick (sorcery) your self, devotion is pretty much covered.


Actually, I would recommend a great many books, most of which are mentioned in Crowley's recommended reading in One Star in Sight.


To briefly return to the idea of 'mystery'; I implied that the newcomer may have been attracted to the mystery that is Satan. There is a factor infinite and unknown about Satan, something that is stressed in the Epistles above all other concepts and dogmas. This is further emphasized by the idea of 'initiation at the hands of a master'. Of course, initiation means to begin; the newcomer has already initiated themselves into the Satanic Current. But it is possible for a newcomer is accept initiation from a person they believe is a master of the current. So, as a newcomer, be aware of the possibility of meeting such a master, and receiving (and accepting) such an imitation from him or her. This may set you up to experience further revelations and insights into Satanism. Such an initiatory experience is clearly beyond learning from books.


Finally, there is this issue of language, something that will be covered in the affair of the 18th May 2014. Suffice to say, that the language that most occult issues is written in is not easy for a modern audience to follow; this is true of the Epistles.


At some point, a version that is written in more accessible language will have to be issued, and that could be my next project.



Cthulhu laughs at the tree-huggers

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Not everything in this universe

loves us,

or wants to be our friend.


For those who think that everything

remains a hug-able proposition,

Dread Cthulhu


- the most fearsome exception.


Yes, the creature boasts existence,

by the summoning-potential

of Lovecraft's florid prose.

For even as a name is given -

perhaps arbitrarily -

to a once unnamed fear,

horror lurks

withdrawn, elongated,


the means by which emotions

are excited.


Yes, you're free to disregard

the name-generating narrative,

knowing that the fear of fear

the true disturber of our calm.


Reject irrational, as labelled 'fearful',

think logically,

but you're the one

who may have said:

not everything in this universe

loves us,

or wants to be our friend.




Satan as the Source

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If Satan is a god, not an impersonal algorithm of Nature, a blind, occult force, an alien presence from another dimension, the most destructive and human-hostile force in the universe, a malicious demonic spirit, the source of anti-social behaviour, a reptile alien, that Influence which makes us miss the target, or an iconic symbol of man's rebellion against religion and metaphysics, no, if Satan is a god, then pretty much everything that you do to forge a relationship with Satan counts towards that relationship.


Lord Satan is the source of creativity and preservation; He intervenes positively in the lives of His devotees. He is the source of a Coven's power, the source of healing, the source of the spark of freedom of which we are all aware. He is the source of your identity as a unit of devotion because He is the supreme object of devotion.


Your prayers, your rituals, your contemplation of lord Satan, arising spontaneously as expressions of love towards the deity, your creative projects completed in His name - these all establish, maintain and regenerate your relationship with Him. And He with you – as evidenced by the divine miracles that frequently occur.


But many thesits will ask: surely this is true of one's relationship with God, by whatever name the Divine is called?


To this question, I answer: yes, for there are many gods, and with all, a relationship can be entered into. But the patron god is special by any standards, and the relationship a devotee has with the deity is powerful and meaningful because it is to that particular god and no other that the individual felt originally attracted. Obviously, such a feeling of intimate relationship with the deity in question led some to proclaim monotheism.


But others were tricked into proclaiming that Jehovah was the one and only god; later, this concept became extended, and the name of the god was sunk beneath the naïve Platonic idea of there being but one, universal god.


There are gods, but over all of them, there is the original god, and Satan is that god. On the other hand, the only thing separating the gods and Satan is time; Satan came before the other gods, but, in truth, they are all equal – except for one, the god called Jehovah.


The devotees of this god are deluded on many levels: they believe Jehovah is the only god; they believe he is the Good, and the only protection against evil; they believe he created the universe; they believe all the other gods and goddesses are false idols; they believe Satan is the enemy of the universe.


But good and evil need to be defined, and anything that needs definition does not originate from the gods, since, of all things the gods are the most indefinable, even though, by a process of Gnosis, they, above all else, are the most known by us. They are both indefinable and yet obviously 'there'; and we correctly think of the gods as our friends, the gods favour those who are devoted to them.


So any god who claims to have defined good and evil, is not speaking the truth. But true it is that not everything is our friend, and, if you wish, you can define that as being evil. But it is evil to us, not evil per se. And if we do harm to ourselves and to others and to the environment, then that is harm that arises from the general sense of the idea of hostility. You can call that evil as well.


But none of this has got to do with our patron deity; it has nothing to do with Satan. He set the processes of creation to go where they will, and they are like brothers who occasionally fight one another, with us in the middle; or even that we become a source of that conflict. And yet that conflict, too, is the nature of the divine, as the spirit of the adversary, of the conflict between two elements and the tension that exists between them. Yet,withal, that conflict is the basis of evolution.


True, we might yet left behind when that conflict sweeps by; and, true, we might suffer as a result. But the source of the adversary is the adversary, nothing to do with the lord Satan, as our beloved, patron detiy.


All this is implied in the Book of Ages, which must be studied for all those theistic Satanists who feel attracted to this view of Satan.


The islanders

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Some theistic Satanists are a beleaguered bunch of believers. They are marooned on an island of sanity (as they would claim), surrounded by a sea of fools. The air is full of gulls crying, 'Deliver us from evil' – such foolish birds!


These feathered fops complain that theistic Satanism is the worship of evil; they claim that the practice of evil is involved. They might even go so far as to define 'evil' as the wilful harming of others – at least; or the wilful violation of God's laws. Sometimes, their god does allow harm to befall others, but for the very best of reasons.


But there is an ocean of crested, boastful waves that will admit to the worship and practice of evil: some will claim this in order to prove that they are 'mean and strong' (as if there was a connection); others will claim their exclusive right to wickedness in order to shock their parents; others become sexually aroused by claiming to be evil; a few will be practising what they preach, and doing it for religious reasons. They believe that since Satan is the god of criminality and destructiveness, their actions must reflect the God's characteristics and nature.


But those who are marooned on the island of true believers wish to state their belief in simple terms; Lord Satan is the true God of Goodness, of Whom all the other gods and goddesses are but aspects; and of these, Jehovah-Allah-Jesus is the only inferior deity – a god of treachery and deceit. A god of tyranny and destructiveness. (The question arises: is not Jehovah then an aspect of Satan, or has this god somehow budded off from the rest of the pantheon? One suspects that logically, this must be the case.)


But there there is division among the devoted because some will claim that Satan, like all the other deities, has a three-fold nature; creative, preserving and destructive. These forces are held in exquisite and ultimately creative balance by Lord Satan and, after all, he is only seen in His destructive aspect for 'only' one third of the time; furthermore there is no need to be destructive in His name – we can always choose to be only creative and preserving, even if we do not always succeed. (But would this no imply that we havefree will and as such would choose creativity and preservation; the forces of destuction are blind and lacking in free-will – is this a characteristic of Satan, too?)


Others claim the Gnostic view; Satan is not of the world, and therefore does not partake of the destructive, which is the preserve of the Demiurge, which these Satanists identify as Jehovah. But Satan is the god beyond this world.


This view must repudiate the entire corpus of writings to do with traditional Satanism, including and especially the Black Mass. Actually, there is evidence from the text that Satan is indeed depicted as possessing a three-fold nature, or at least that Satan is a mixture, like the world, of both good and evil.


So it seems that even on the island, there is a hill on top of which stands the even smaller group of theistic Satanists who believe that Satan is the true and Good god, beyond the world, who is not of or directs any destructive force, either known to unknown to man.


And from the Epistles of Lord Satan, there is much material in support of their position, as there is in support of the position of a lot of other types of theistic Satanists, some of whom would be repugnant to those standing on the 'highest' moral ground.


And, of course, there will be fights between Satanists; some will even jump the Satanic ship altogether, in search of a belief system that does not admit any form of inconsistency.


Some will stick to the label 'Satanism' claiming that they alone define it properly and proudly as the alignment to ultimate evil. They might even go so far as to do us the favour of defining the word.


And others might do us all the equal favour of defining the word 'good'. But in a sense they have, by the tone they adopt towards those who claim to worship an evil deity. They can at least point to all their defining characteristics and alleged activities and say: 'We are not that; we do not do that'.


As noted, they may say that Satan has told them they are justified in their attitudes by the true words he has imparted – to be found in such works as the Book of the Ages; He has even expressed it in His liturgy, the Onyx Mass, for example.


It is good that this literature exists, because otherwise I fear these theistic Satanists, who are so surrounded by moral ambivalence at best, and immorality at worst, can at last, by reading the Epistles, stick to their guns. But they will have to be selective about their reading material, because, as a Satanologist, I am certainly not going to remove any sections of the work that might offend them.


To this, these Satanists might well reply: it is time to stop hedging your bets, nargargole, and choose which of us on the island to follow; or even to distance yourself from the sea of fools, who are more ignorant than the gulls that warn of stormy weather overhead.


But I am not afraid of any last judgement on my work, for, truly, I have offended almost every Satanist in turn with the publication of the Epistles.


I do not intend to sit by the camp fire singing hymns with anyone.


Further, I shall continue to sit on the fence and laugh at all the passers-by.




Storm Bed

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In the bowels of somnolence,

I am being digested,

critiquing as I'm liquidized,

the tempest's ancient drama;

gorged on the Dionysia;

my lion's belly, too,

distended on demised emotion.

Outside, trees, like ghostly antelopes,

fall before storm-jaws invisible;

inside, passions, corporeal,

dispersed by radiation

of a strange, sorcerer's incense

called Dittany of Crete;

it burns with a pearl-white fug,

intense enough to make visible

the shy, ambivalent spirits of lord Lucifer.

Hadean Imperator, to you

I have dedicated all excess.


The Book of Shool

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Here is a Word in your ear of how to overcome fear and addiction, including all grades of obsession.


First, it is necessary to carry out the Working of the Sigil of Satanic Healing, a device given to the devotees from Lord Satan Himself, in His preserving mode of Being, and according to the view that the Lord is generous and intervening in our lives, in a positive way.


Begin by vibrating the following word:




which is pronounced with either a long 'O' or 'OOO'

as in Sh OOOO L


or SHOOL as in the word 'shawl'



Vibrate the word whilst visualizing the Sigil of Satanic healing; first as a white figure on a black background; second, as a black figure on a white background. Project yourself through the black circle, which might become a sphere at this point, and be open to any experience you have upon entering the sphere.


This may take the form of a further figure or sigil; a voice in your mind; an intuition about who you might consult for your malady.


Remove yourself from the sphere when you think the process is over, and visualize the sigils in reverse order of colour; return to the here and now; eat something to earth yourself.


The Sigil of SH is to be found in the Onyx Bible


Satanism & sexual impotence

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Most sexual impotence is psychological. I shall only be dealing with this kind. More physically- based sexual dysfunction should be atteneded to by a qualified medical person.


Obviously the psychological causes of sexual impotence are many – both long-term and short-term. There is often reference made to the stress-depressed cycle, which results in a severe loss of sexual function. There may be issues related to a sudden loss of self-esteem.


To put one of the problems in poetic language: there is a felling of being locked up inside. But it could also be the case that the sex drive is being channelled into other activities; a dedication to work; hobbies; online habits; some kind of 'calling' (religious obsessions); sportive activitie;' a focus on the peer group rather than on partner; political concerns/ Or: it could be that you are just not that into your partner any more. So there could be a lack of self-honesty and of honesty between partners present in the equation.


Whatever the causes, the impotent one feels locked up inside; he is holding himself in (or she is holding herself in, if suffering from frigidity). It could also be the case that, in fact, throughout their sexually active lives, they have always felt this way = that their sexual practices have all been a sham, and that they have never really given themselves over to full, orgiastic sexual pleasure.


In Satanism – with its emphasis on physicality, materialism and sensuous living – sexual pleasure is an example of what Anton laVey called 'indulgence'. Not only does the Satanist indulge in the ordinary sense of the word, but he or she places a high value – aesthetic or even obligatory – on indulgence, as if it were a spiritual quality of man. Indulgence is his or her ideal, one might say. So it is with heavy heart, that a Satanist admits to sexual impotence because he or she feels they are rather letting down the side – they are falling short of the Satanic Ideal. This might effect self-esteem, one of the causes of impotence already mentioned. A vicious cycle is initiated.


But this is to become over-complicated about the situation; the ideal of Indulgence is merely an ideal. In reality, other factors arise which undermine that ideal. It is the same in m\gick: the ideal is to attain magical success in any given situation, but other factors, which must all be accounted for and recorded in the magical diary, come into play which undermine or even subvert the magical result. And of course, one big stumbling block in the way of any success, magical or otherwise is 'lust of result' or simply wanting a thing too much.


Obviously, one may want sexual satisfaction, and this desire, taken to the level of neurosis, could be another reason why one becomes locked up inside. One is too concerned with thinking about attaining sexual satisfaction, rather than actually attaining it, and taking all necessary steps to accomplish this goal.


One factor to do with impotence, or at least a lessoning in libido, is natural aging. And this too is a reality which the Satanist of all people must face up to and accept as an inevitable outcome of the aging process. He or she may try to put it off, by all magickal or other means, but a lessoning of sexual interest will be felt. This would be cope-able with were it not for the fact that often the mental interest in sexuality is not diminished, but one's physiological response to such metallization is reduced; one becomes less sexually sensitive on the physical level. (But this might be psycho-somatic, too.)


Perhaps at this point in the life of a Satanist, there is the gradual realization that the physical, material and sensuous are subject to decline and eventual disassembly. Basically, one's consciousness is becoming dis-associated from bodily functions, due either to a lessoning of physical function or a lessoning of control over bodily functions. Perhaps it is at this point that the Satanist begins to ponder on whether consciousness, at death, is freed from the physical or perishes with it. And, before death, whether the mind becomes increasingly locked inside a useless body. Again the very biological fact of the body becoming increasingly frail and useless eats away at the ideal of indulgence, and on the value the Satanist places on the physical, material and sensuous. Old age and death seem to mark the destruction of all that the Satanist holds dear.


Contemplating this, the Satanist begins to realize that maybe this is where the birth of religion takes place; when an individual experiences old age, they begin to postulate the existence of a soul which survives death, either to enter paradise (where they may exist as if they had a body again, only an incorruptible one), or that they reincarnate into another body on earth. They may even begin to wonder about the promise of bodily resurrection: the body they possessed drung this life is somehow, by some miracle, returned to them in a form that cannot subsequently grow older or experience the 'bitter pangs of death'. The Satanist wonders whether there is some kind of supernatural, intelligent force or entity to make all this happen.


During this essay, I mentioned that one reason for sexual impotence is the redirection of one's libido, one's vitality and obsessive almost fetishistic impulses, into an activity that is other than sexual. Perhaps in face of old age, the Satanist should develop interests that obviate the need for the usual expressions of physicality, materialism and sensuous living. I think that one path that still expresses these Satanic ideals but in a different way and to a different extent (( do not use the word 'inferior' or 'lesser') is: yoga.


By yoga I mean the development of awareness of body, breath and a yoking of mind to body. It is ironic that the ideals of physicality, materialism and sensuousness are so governed by a mental focus on them; indeed, the mind can be so focussed on these ideals that it becomes pure mind, as it were. The focus is mental. Then when the body ages and becomes increasingly frail, and the sexual drive diminishes, the mind worries. But it is the mind that worries, not the body. With yoga, the mind is re-focussed on the body as it in the here and now, rather than on what the body used to be able to do, or indeed will or can do in the future.


Indeed, with yoga, the mind is re-connected to the body, on a daily basis, more or less regardless of what state the body is in. This is because the mind is focussed on the breath, which connects mind to the body. And whilst the body is actually breathing, it is possible, through the practice of yoga, to continue to focus on the ideals of physicality, materialism and sensuous living that the Satanist holds to be of such value.


And it could be that, through yoga )all other factors being equal), the 'holding oneself tight inside' may be lessoned, and the sexual libido increased, releasing one from sexual impotence.


Of course, the path of yoga is not an easy option, and for the Satanist the fact of any loss of sexual sensitivity and appetite is a hard thing to cope with for the reasons explained above. The Satanist may have his or her work cut out to adjust to the process of becoming ld, if suicide is not an option for him or her (there is something un-Satanic about suicide because it is like the Self going against the Self, and the Self is also held to be of highest satanic value).


But in any case, the Satanist may reflect that it is better to attempt to cope with challenges to their materialist philosophy than be tempted by the promises of transcendentalism.This is because, at the back of everyone's mind, is the thought that all this talk of bodly resurrection, reincarnation and ascension to paradise may be what Anton called 'empty pipe dreams'. It is better, so the Satanist claims, to deal with the reality of aging and death than come up with fantasies that lesson or deny the disturbing significance of physical decline.


But once the Satanist has come to honest erms with the situation of being mortal, by whatever means or with the practice of yoga, then he or she has truly done so, remaining at all times true to Satanic values.