The Epistles of Lord Satan

Traditional Theisitc Satanism

The Onyx Bible of Primitivist Satanism


Theistic Satanism is the belief in a real, existent Deity by the name of ‘Satan’; Primitivist Satanism needs more explanation.

The Primitivist Satanist ascertains what actions will cause the most offence to the society in which he lives and does them. Choosing one (preferably the worst one), by carrying out this so-called ‘Act of Iniquity’ (see The Black Rite), he worships Lord Satan as the Adversarial Spirit.

This version of the Onyx Bible celebrates some of the beliefs of the Primitivist Satanist and explains why he must act as he does in order to attain piety, that is, alignment to Lord Satan.

As to whether the way he must act is justified, from an objective moral point of view, is another matter.

NOTE: The views expressed in this version of the Onyx Bible may be considered repugnant, even horrific, by some, including the majority of Satanists, theistic and atheistic alike! The reader is warned!

The Onyx Bible of Primitivist Satanism ( new Second Edition) may be viewed here.

 The Book of Piety, however, seems to acknowledge that Primitivist Satanism may go 'too far' into extreme practices for some Satanists!