The Epistles of Lord Satan

Traditional Theisitc Satanism

Epistle the Fourth: On the three Qualities of Satanism

The Lord spoke:

Rebellious-ness: Know that the god of the Jews rebelled against me; but that now my devotees stand outside society, outside the ‘matrix’ of influence of the god of the Jews. This ‘standing outside’ is the full extent of their rebellion and those who follow or join the ranks of my devotees shall be deemed to be in rebellion also.

Rage: By all artistic and literary means, even by the rejection of human language itself, shall many of my devotees express their aggressive opposition of the god of the Jews; of his nature, his lies, his influence, his churches, his theologians, politicians, etc.

Revenge: my devotees shall practise all kinds of Magick so as to diminish or destroy the influence of the Jewes, as the followers of Satan have done since ages past and have been sorely persecuted for it. There will be reprisals for these pogroms and the house of the god of the Jews shall be overthrown.’