The Epistles of Lord Satan

Traditional Theisitc Satanism

Real Traditional Satanism

So-called 'real traditional Satanism' differs from traditional/theistic Satanism and especially Primitivist Satanism in that it does not express opposition to the 'god of Abraham' or the 'religions of the Book' (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), or the norms, values and beliefs of Western, secular society.

 Traditional Satanism is a positive religion which worships a 'devil' called Satan and which has its origins in ancient Kurdistan and which preserves an oral tradition of hidden knowledge.



Real traditional Satanism does not recommend and is not in any way associated with:

+the worship or 'religious practice' of criminality of any kind;

+ritual bloody sacrifice;

+parody of the rites of other religions, for example, the Black Mass (which would not be used).

Real traditional Satanism promotes an active moral code, for example, as outlined in the Book of the Raven, which may be downloaded here.


 All this is outlined in the Book of the Threshold which may be downloaded here.



 It should be said that real traditional Satanists will regard most of the contents of this website with suspicion and even hostility.

 But many Satanists would point out the complexity and multifaceted nature of their God; it is certain that there will be disagreement among Satanists over such matters - and indeed over the authencity of any particular tradition!