The Epistles of Lord Satan

Traditional Theisitc Satanism

Hail Satan!

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Contained herein are the nine Epistles of Lord Satan.

These short, pithy Epistles amount to an expression of Theistic Satanism (Disclaimer).

The entire collection may be downloaded here. You may also download a Commentary on the Epistles here.

Mention is made of the Onyx Bible of Theistic Satanism – this may be downloaded here. However, please read the 8th Epistle ‘On the Onyx Bible (sic)’ BEFORE downloading the Opus. This is most important. Also, note that the pdf 'final' version is in fact missing some eight appendices; these will appear in the published version on - details TBA.

A part commentary on the old version of the Onyx Bible (complete with Onyx Mass, Appendix A) can be downloaded here.

You can invoke nine demonic entities, according to the Instruction outlined in the Book of Shlod. To be uploaded soon!

The Epistles begin with the following Declaration:

‘Satan is Lord’.



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An introduction to Satanism, especially the versions of the Onyx Bible: