The Epistles of Lord Satan

Traditional Theisitc Satanism

From the Author

Satan is Lord’

And they were alarmed lest I (the Author) should declare:

This Deity is real and existent.’

So I smiled, and spoke softly unto them:

Let those words have whatsoever meaning pleases you.’

For I understand that nowadays, since Science has taken his place among the Pantheon, only the senses are deemed to record what is real, and that whatever has to be taken on faith (without senses) is deemed unreal. Faith is subservience to illusion and delusion: the forces of Dogma – to which Satanists must never bow.

Therefore they invented psychology, philosophy, sociology, symbology – to explain the truth behind Deity.

I smiled again. I repeated:

Satan is Lord,’


Lughnasadh 2009-08-07