The Epistles of Lord Satan

Traditional Theisitc Satanism

Epistle the Sixth: On the Demons

The Lord spoke:

‘To my devotees, the Demons shall bring the pleasure of possession and the ecstasy of abandon. For when my devotees, thus possessed, look into the abyss of dissolution and death, they shall have no fear, and they shall laugh and praise me, even as the Black Wave engulfs them!

And the Demons shall rise spontaneously from the deep well of being-ness of my devotees either from study of ancient or modern texts or from their own divinely inspired 'insanity'.

And these demons shall be real, created as the children of Me; and they shall bring my devotees every favour, delight, healing and increase; my demons shall be haughty and rule the oceans, winds, fires and all the earth and all that lives on the Earth.

And they shall be like aspects of me, so that my devotees shall wear rich jewels and garlands and raise their voices in praise of me

The Demons shall arise! They will rebel, rage against and take revenge on my Enemies.