The Epistles of Lord Satan

Traditional Theisitc Satanism

Epistle the Ninth: On the Freedom (of the Self)

The Lord spoke:

I speak not to one prophet, but to all my devotees as if they were all prophets and priests.

But priest and prophets notwithstanding, let there arise no church or body of devotees; instead whomsoever wishes it shall come together to worship Me, if they will, at whatever time and place shall be convenient to them and with whatever Rites shall they be agreed upon to perform; let them feast, take pleasure and summon demons in my name, offering all such pastimes and Magick to me.

And if any of my devotees shall resolve to walk the path towards me alone, let them be untroubled by the attention of other devotees; let there be made one courteous invitation to join a group of devotees to ritual or to feast.

For know that I am the freedom of the self of all my devotees.’


Let these epistles amount to an expression of theistic Satanism; on the understanding that the views herein to not necessarily represent those of any other Satanist or group of Satanists.