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Traditional Theisitc Satanism

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This is the best forum for discussion on all aspects of Theistic Satanism; highly recommended, very informative, sensible content; brilliant.

 Knights of Satan - this is a new group which needs support: a yahoo group and a verry handsome looking website, but there are plans to work off-line for meetings and rituals, too; a good selection of liturgy is provided and the superb Book of Unity for members ...

The Yahoo group, first: Click to join knightsofsatan999

Click to join knightsofsatan999

And the website:t

 Lucifer Rising - very good posts here, interesting ideas expressed, mot exactly traditional but good information none the less!

Click to join LuciferRising666777

Click to join LuciferRising666777 - this is the Temples of Satan site, headed by Magister Blackwood, who belongs to the 'real traditional' fraternity, and would not be part of the blood and thunder brigade that this site often champions! A good place for beginners to start, though. Mind you, this site is ruled with a rod of iron; there is no much personal freedom here - you might be better off joining the Roman Catholic Church instead, lol.

Satan's Blessings - this is a basic site and excellent for beginners; really easy to navigate; even has a chat room, which is soon to be updated - really easy to use! Again, this presents the most positive side of Theistic Satanism, and thus is recommended to beginners


Sancturary of Satan - this is a up and coming on-line group for Theistic Satanists; lots of posts, threads and forums here; rather good, but somewhat confusing layout; I still like the old fashioned yahoo groups way of doing things! But, again, a great place for beginners, who are seeking some kind of refuge from the insanity of this site!