The Epistles of Lord Satan

Traditional Theisitc Satanism

Epistle the Fifth: On the Outsider

The Lord spoke:

‘Before the god of the Jews had chosen his people, he set the Townsfolk against the Witch. Down through the ages, witches have been hounded without restraint.

Whosoever nowadays has felt they stand outside society – know that they have traced, by intuition, their lineage back through the history of civilized humankind – they have felt the connection, via blood-line, to the ancient Witches who worshipped me in secret groves and hidden grottos.

This is why they now feel attracted to me, why they secretly declare me to be their Lord and Master.

Yea, to the world, they are fools, criminals, evil ones, vagabonds, accurst. And, verily, they may be these – if these have been encompassed in my Name. Then they are truly meat and proper. Know that the Good (morality) is always that of which I apporve’