The Epistles of Lord Satan

Traditional Theisitc Satanism

Epistle the Third: On the Truth

The Lord spoke:

It is an un-truth that there is but one god. This lie has been perpetrated by the devotees of the god of the Jews. And the gentiles have conspired to further perpetrate this lie so as to make the Jew-god universal.

But the truth is that the god of the Jews is only for his chosen people (the Jews). All gentiles are but ‘lower forms’ of devotee. Their god regards them not though he greedily accepts (and demands) the praise of such millions as may ostensibly be the extent of the number of his Fold.

Also, think not that there is but one spiritual reality under which or within which the gods exist, as if they were but aspects of this one reality, for each deity, apart from the god of the Jews, is worthy of devotion.

But it is only I, Lord Satan, who stands against the Jew-god’s lie. It is only I, Lord Satan, who has laid this truth before you.’