The Epistles of Lord Satan

Traditional Theisitc Satanism

The White Epistle

 The Lord spoke:

'My Devotees shall not overly endanger themselves by waging war against the Jewes, psychic forces in support of the god of Abraham; nor shall they fight against their earthly representatives, the Villagers.

For it is known to Me that these Villagers and these Jewes are stronger on earth than My Devotees, and that My Devotees would in all probability suffer grievous harm at the hands of Mine enemies.

And My Devotees shall not seek martyrdom for My Cause; but they shall preserve themselves to fight another day, if indeed they are forced into battle; but they shall not take needless risks on My behalf.

My Devotees shall learn to walk in shadow, calmly and with dignity and they say of Me: 'Thou art wise, O Master who counsel us to caution and self-preservation'; and to these I shall give complete protection.

And to those who seek not controversy, I shall place fearful looking eyes on their delicate wings. Or: I shall give them a comical look, which is the ultimate social camouflage.

But I shall bless those who take up arms in My Name if defence seems the better option. But if My Devotees attempt to fight without adequate protection then shall such foolhardy action seem to be at variance with true devotion.

In second place, My Devotees shall not endanger their devotion to Me; for it is known to Me that oft times, hatred may transform into love and My Devotees join the ranks of Mine enemies. Therefore, My Devotees shall not hate over-much but shall adopt an attitude of indifference towards Mine enemies; and in all their everyday dealings with them – when not engaged in unavoidable conflict with them – be civil but distant.


But some of My Devotees, being bold of spirit and full of rebelliousness, shall not harken to this advice but go into battle with foolhardy abandon and be careless of any injury to themselves. Their faith in me will be sorely tested! But it is an indication of bad faith to blame Me for any injury or loss that might arise.


And they shall launch their attack with My Name as a war-cry – for is it not written that the universes crash into War?


My Devotees shall at all times seek to distinguish between extremes and eschew inappropriate action with respect to conflict; for conflict rests upon action being at one with Self, universe and with Subtle Force.


Now then, My Devotes shall follow their inclinations and characteristics and not seek to go outside their capabilities. And yet they shall explore themselves in all situations that arise; for all action teaches, even if the lessons are hard – from action arises reaction, and the consequences of all actions are educational, to say the least!


Verily, has it been rightly written: 'Lurk! Withdraw! Upon them!'


And all this may ultimately not arise beyond the limits of Self, the world as playground for Self notwithstanding; so that My Devotee shall scream out their rage against Mine enemies when this, too, shall feel appropriate and wise.'


In all these matters, the key-word is 'self-preservation'.


So what kind of Satanist are you?


I am a neo-deist Satanist; the deity exists, is somehow worthy of love and yet who is mostly hidden, but is aloof from the human and the world – but stories are created by worshippers in order to express their devotion (they are just that!).

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