The Epistles of Lord Satan

Traditional Theisitc Satanism

Epistle to the Wise

 'The Lord spoke:

There is so much material concerning My Nature, Powers and Personality, that truly confusion reigns; that i seem to be appear to be all things to all people – alike to My enemies and My Devotees.

There is even doubt, openly expressed, as to whether I exist at all; or if I am but a metaphor for the world; or that I am merely a projection of the psychology of certain persons to whom others are attracted.

So who am I? What is really known about Me?

My devotees know Me truly but mostly they cannot express what it is they do know about Me.

They know that I exist. They know My Name.

They know I am opposed to the god of Abraham.

At least this is what they say that they know about Me!

And what is know about Me becomes tradition; it is claimed that knowledge of Me is an ancient tradition, passed down the generations, in secret, protected and hidden from hostile forces.

And yet even today My Gnosis, My body of knowledge, is being revealed to Devotees!

Perhaps the question should be: what I am not? I am not the god of Abraham. I am not one god, but one among many; the god of Abraham claims he is the only god and denies the other gods, and this vexes Me!

And least this is said of Me, by tradition.

Some also say I am opposed either to the created world or to the entire universe because I am opposed to the work of Creation, that I am the Destroyer and that I am hostile to life, vitality and to Man.

Thus I am called Pure Evil.

Others say that I am the Good and Righteous Destroyer because Death is just and Proper, as a Balance to life.

Still other say that I am the Emperor of the world, and as such I am both good and evil, that is to say, I am both creation and destruction per se.

Still others say I am beyond good and evil; that I exist outside creation and represent utter Bliss; and that I am the Resolution of all things into their oneness; that this is the Experience of the Moment, which is Me.

Then others say that I am change itself, a restless spirit, often adversarial within all things, who initiated Change to the advantage and disadvantage of those affected by My hand.

It is possible that i am all these things as if each of these things represented a mode of My manifestation; or that these things are facets of My character.

To My Devotees I say this: walk in Simplicity and avoid Complexity; then it may seem that I am the wind, known only on the auditory level; or that My Temple, which is My Name, is a shelter from the elements.

What is known of me? That I exist; that My name is ...

... Lord Satan!'

But is what is said about Me the same as what is known about Me? A wise Devotee asks this question, too.